Jill Missal on site in St. George for a disaster drill.


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Wish a Masters of Science in Fire and Emergency Management Jill Missal has been providing expert consulting for over 18 years. Experienced at all levels in the field, Jill has worked as a volunteer firefighter; as a search and rescue canine handler and team leader; in local and state government as an emergency manager; and as a consultant and business owner, working in both the public and private sectors on a wide range of projects. Jill’s focus is on emergency preparedness and disaster response.

Her experience includes teaching NIMS and ICS courses, performing risk and vulnerability assessments, writing and revising emergency operations plans, facilitating and designing emergency preparedness exercises and drills, and emergency program development.

Ms. Missal is an accomplished educator, teaching beginning to advanced Incident Command System and National Incident Response System to audiences including health care workers, emergency responders, and police and fire departments. She has conducted presentations and training at conferences in the United States, Canada, Peru, Haiti, the Phillippines, and Mexico on various topics relating to her professional disciplines.

In 2010, Ms. Missal was inducted into the Alaska Chamber of Commerce’s Top Forty Under 40 in recognition of her professional excellence and commitment to her community. She is known for her engaging and personable approach to facilitation and brings a unique breadth of experience and skill to any endeavor.

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